Meeting the needs of the child and the aims of the oganisation

Education Pathways is more than just somewhere that teachers give lessons. We see ourselves as a facility where pupils learn for life. This allows our staff to be more than just highly qualified experts in their different subject areas. Their educational expertise and personal commitment make significant contributions to fostering our culture of mutual respect and cooperation.


Things some have said about their experiences of having worked with the Education Pathways team:


"I have had the pleasure of working with Aileen and Sheila for 5 years. During this time, they have
offered Winsford Academy a first-class service in providing high-quality education to students who
have struggled to engage with mainstream education. They have provided us with a fantastic
solution which has allowed students from a range of challenging contexts to make excellent progress.
Both are highly professional, empathetic and child-centred. They possess the highest standards and
are committed to giving students the best possible life chances. They are held in high esteem by
colleagues, students and parents alike. They have prospered in our sometimes challenging
environment and championed success in young people. I wholeheartedly recommend their new
business venture to schools and I have high levels of confidence in their ability to make a positive
difference wherever they work."

Mr A Taylor-Edwards
Principal, The Winsford Academy


"I have worked with Aileen and Sheila for 4 years in their capacity to offer excellent and focussed
support to our most vulnerable students. Through the use of Pupil Premium, Winsford Academy
have been able to offer one to one and small group tuition to a range of students who, for a variety
of different reasons, have required a more dynamic and personalised approach to support their
progress. The pupils themselves have been identified as needing additional support, including
medical needs, behavioural issues and attendance concerns. In each case the personalised and
tailored provision offered by Aileen and Sheila has led to students making progress that would in
ordinary circumstances not have been made had their interventions not been utilised in this way.
They have such qualities and a tailored approach that they are able to engage, stretch and challenge
young people who have become disaffected with mainstream school. They have done this with high
levels of expectation of pupils’ conduct and participation and maintaining a strong professional
purpose. Their approach has yielded significant impact and has been enhanced by strong
communication with school and parents.
I’m delighted that they are embarking on a new initiative that further builds on these principles and
am sure they will make Education Pathways a success in supporting vulnerable youngsters in schools
across the region."

Richard Hicks
Vice Principal Care Guidance and Support, Winsford Academy


"There should be a league table which measures the positive turnarounds that can be achieved through your commitment to these young people."

School Principal


"Thanks for everything Miss, I would hug you, but i'm not allowed to hug teachers"

Year 7 English intervention student


"An absolute must to keep these reports (pupils summative reviews) their impact is gold dust"

School Principal


"By working with the EP tutors for just a few hours a week our most vulnerable and disruptive students have achieved results which otherwise would not have been possible.

These positive outcomes have improved our department's results and meant that targets were met"

Head of Science


"You have quite literally saved my sons life!"

Parent of a Year 11 permanently excluded student




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