Specialists in educating challenging students

The Education Pathways team are specialists in working with students who, for whatever reason, are disengaged from main stream education. Years of working with challenging students has shown that in order to bring about a change in attitude and behaviour, it is vitally important  to work in partnership with the many support agencies, such as CAMHS, the school nurse, GP's, YOT, PCSO, outreach and social workers, but most importantly, to engage with the student and their parents or carers.


When accessing school is problematic teaching can take place in another appropriate venue such as the local library, childrens centre, youth centre or the childs home.


We deliver the core primary and secondary curriculum in maths, English and science to KS3 and KS4 across the main exam boards and at all academic levels.

We also teach a wide and diverse range of other secondarty subjects from business studies to sports studies and are proficient in the delivery of functional skills having supported many students through both literacy and numeracy intervention programmes.

The Education Pathways team are multi skilled, across a wide range of the curriculum and other related educational fields:

  • Teaching children with severe and complex mental health conditions
  • Advising schools and families on the succesful integration of physically impaired students into mainstream education
  • Owning and managing successful  independant learning centres
  • Supporting children for whom English is a foreign language
  • Irlen assesment
  • Integration of rigorus procedures to support the teaching and learning of disengaged and behaviourly challenged students
  • School Governance
  • Further Education vocational skills and transition into FE
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